Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Northern Lights St. Patrick's Day 2015

Well folks, I'll admit, I really didn't know that we'd be able to see the Northern Lights here last night. I saw a post on facebook when scrolling through my newsfeed the other day about it, but I didn't really think twice because it was from another state.

Then a friend of mine texted me last night to go outside and look at the Northern Lights. At first I couldn't see them. But as I stood outside (freeeezzzing to death in my socks) and stared long and hard out in the distance I could finally see them! A few minutes later they started to fill the night sky dancing in beautiful hues of green! I screamed and ran inside for my family to come watch! We all "ooed" and "aaaahed" and beheld the glory of God in the night sky.

Unfortunately I was not prepared with my camera equipment. I had no clue where my tripod was and scrambled to get my camera and guessed the proper settings to use. I've never really tried night-time sky photos so it was tricky for me for a few seconds. I tried my best to hold the camera steady for 10 seconds to capture the most amazing part of the Northern Lights, but to no avail they came out blurry. So I rushed inside and dashed around the house searching for my tripod. By the time I found it, set my camera on it, and ran back outside, the most magnificent parts of the Northern Lights had already vanished. I tried my best to capture the tail end of the light show.

Then, as I was standing there gazing into the distance waiting to see if another round of spectacular green lights would appear, I heard the most horrid sounding animal rummaging around in the river's edge right in front of me. I started to panic and envisioned my future death at the hands of a woodlands creature and high-tailed back like a mad woman to the house with tripod and camera in hand.

So, may I present my first attempt at capturing the Northern Lights. Maybe I'll get another shot one day... and you better believe I'll be ready next time ;)

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