Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On turning 30... and other musings

I've only got one more month left of my twenties.


That went fast.

What was I doing when I first left the youthful teenage years? My 20th birthday found me in Cambodia, tucked away in the city of Phnom Penh celebrating with a small cake, a few candles, my internship partner, and my supervisors. It was pretty simply really. 

I went home that night, looked up at the ceiling and thought, "Well, 20 doesn't feel much different than 19, now does it?" then rolled over and fell asleep. I'm sure I was in bed before 10:00pm. I probably had to get up early to work in the orphanage the next day. 

I sit here a decade later and wonder the same thing. What will the 30's bring my way? I've given up all hope on growing taller. That dream was shattered at age 14. Maybe something more attainable, like growing in wisdom, perhaps?

I've checked quite a few items off my bucket list before turning 30. That was my plan, at least. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Start my own business
4. Take risks/don't settle for average (I know, I know. So vague.)
5. Make lifelong best friends
6. Travel the world 
7. Run a half marathon
8. Pursue Jesus radically
9. Plan my parents' 30th anniversary party
10. Donate my hair 

Some items never got checked off my bucket list. Maybe I'll do them someday, maybe I won't. These aren't as important to me anymore:

1. Go bungee jumping
2. Go in a hot air balloon
3. Go scuba diving
4. Go para sailing
5. Do relief and development work in a crazy country like North Korea or Iraq (I always told myself if I wasn't married before I turned 25 I would move to a place like this!)
6. Get a tattoo
7. Get a recording label and travel the world on tour (I know, right. A girl can dream can't she?)

A few more items I would like to add to my next bucket list (I guess this would be before I turn 40???)

1. Have more children
2. Adopt more children
3. Run a full marathon
4. Teach my children musical instruments 
5. Record a CD of all my own songs
6. Go on a cruise with my hubby 
7. Travel to Italy and France on vacation
8. Celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a huge, elaborate, totally awesome trip (see #6 or #7)
9. See my children grow in their relationship with Christ and follow His call in their lives

So many things to ponder as I enter into a new decade. 30 sounds so different than 29. The UPS man a few weeks ago didn't think I was old enough to sign for a package. It was devastating. Everyone keeps telling me that I will love it when I'm older. I'll let you know when that happens.

I'm about to say goodbye to my 20's. So many things have happened in my life in the past 10 years, my goodness. What a journey it has been! 

Dear 30. I'm excited to meet you. Dear 29, I'm sad to let you go.


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