Saturday, September 13, 2014

The first song I ever wrote! What once was lost now is found :)

My dears. This is a big. deal.

I lost something and haven't been able to find it.

For years.

I wrote a song when I was 14 years old and recorded it at a friend's house when I was 18. I made a bunch of copies for friends and family as a Christmas present my freshman year of college.

One day I was sitting in our apartment in Azerbaijan a few years ago and wondered where in the world my copy of that song wandered off to. It wasn't on any of our computers, CD's, and I contacted as many friends/family members as I could to try and locate a copy, to no avail. Sadness crept in. I figured some day it would come back to me, somehow.

It's not like it's the best recording in the world. I'll be the first to admit that! But it was special to me. It's the first song I ever wrote, and recording it was fun and scary all at the same time. My voice and piano style have changed since then, but we all start somewhere don't we? ;)

I called my mom a few months ago begging her to search every nook and cranny of her entire life to find her copy. And guess what? SHE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

And the angels sing HALLELUJAH!!!

So I offer to you something very precious to my soul. I pray it blesses you in any way. Feel free to save this song and share it if you feel led. I pray it encourages you and anyone else you may think needs to hear these words.


Am I All Alone?
By Casey Gilboy

Can You heal this broken heart
I've tried so hard to mend?
All the pain has shattered my dreams
My road's come to an end

I'm crying out
Are you really out there?
Jesus, if You are real
Touch me in my despair

Where do I look?
Where do I turn?
Do You hear me?

Or am I all alone?

I hide behind a smile
To conceal all my pain
But the truth is I'm hurting
And everyday feels the same

Oh child I know
All the pain that you've felt
I've seen every tear
That you cried while you knelt

I'm where you look
I'm where you turn
I can hear you
Please know you're not alone

I'm where you look
I'm where you turn
I've always heard you
You're not alone