Thursday, February 27, 2014

Music in my coffee

Once upon a time a family was driving back from a short vacation. It was a long journey home with two rambunctious, overtired little ones buckled up in the back seat. The mamma thought she was about to go crazy from sheer exhaustion and excitement overload. She decided to cope with the situation by writing a song about coffee (of course!)

Note: The family made it home safe and sound. The mamma is still teetering on the brink of insanity, but… you already knew that. So… ya.

I now present to you, Music in My Coffee by Casey Gilboy! Enjoy J

To listen to and download the song, click here!


Speaking of coffee, when my daughter and I were on a date at a coffee shop the other day, we had the most hilarious conversation.

Me- "Ooo is that cinnamon roll super yummy that you ordered?"
Sitora- "Yes! But those bagels were calling my name and saved my life. I'm really a cotton candy fan. AND I'm a fan of YOU!"


Music in my Coffee
By Casey Gilboy

Oo la la, I’ve got a smile on my face
Oo la la, I’ve got a spring in my step
Oo la la, I’ve got that music, music, music in my coffee

Verse 1
Quarter note, eighth note, treble clef, bass
Mochachino, latté, café au lait
Want to know what makes me joyous?
Pour another cup and sing the chorus

Verse 2
Verse one, instrumental, bridge, repeat
Caramel, chocolate, vanilla bean
Want to know what makes me swoon?
Stir in the creamer and hum this tune

Every beat of my heart,
Goes, “Boom boom”
For you, my dear,
When you brew, O la la

That music, music, music in my coffee

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