Saturday, March 1, 2014

Skip a beat

Peter Daniel. My little man. He is growing. So fast.

He is quite different than his sister was at this age. Oh, how he loves to cuddle! Any excuse to sit in our laps will suffice. He would much rather play with his toys snuggled up in our arms then by himself in the toy room. He follows me around all day, tugging at my skirt and reaching up for me. He giggles and chases after his sister, constantly asking where she is. He breaks out in a huge grin when daddy comes home and points to pictures of daddy when he’s gone. He loves to wrestle, dance, bounce, hug, and just be close.

 He is wild. Loud. Messy.

 He is funny, goofy, silly, spontaneous.

 He is sweet and gentle.

 He loves to help unload the dishwasher with his sissy. He enjoys throwing things away in the trash can for us. He brings random items to our guests as a token of his love. He gives hugs and kisses to say sorry. He makes sure sissy always has her favorite stuffed animals named Spring and Gracie. His favorite things in the whole wide world are puppies and kitties. He would bark and meow all the live long day if he could. He gets a kick out of saying, “Don’t touch!” since he’s heard it like, his whole life (and he actually does a fantastic job of obeying!).

 He cries at bedtime now since he doesn't get a pacifier anymore. He talks himself to sleep saying the cutest things. The other night I overheard, “Bubba go ni-night”. Oops. Poor little guy doesn’t even know his real name. Nicknames are just too much fun.

 He is our little buddy. Our sweet bubba. My little baby boy grew into a toddler right before my eyes. How did he do that without me realizing it? I am looking forward to this next stage of his life. Learning colors, shapes, letters. Playing more intricate games with his sister. Braving the big boy slides at the playground. Not wearing a bib. Sitting for longer periods of time reading books. Remembering people, faces, places. Is he really going to be two years old in two months? Oh my.

Having children has done something incredible to my heart and my marriage. I’ve become someone I never dreamed I could be. Felt things I never knew I could feel. My heart just keeps growing and bursting with emotions and feelings I didn’t even know existed. Here is a song I wrote for my hubby based on this fact. I thought I loved him when we first started dating. But the love we share now has grown and matured into something deeper and sweeter. Thank you, my love, for sharing this crazy, adventurous journey together with me. Through moving across the ocean and back, having two beautiful children together, through trials and joys, you still make my heart skip a beat.

To listen to the song, click here!

Skip a beat By 
Casey Gilboy 

 Do do do do

When we wake up in the morning
You know we might not look our best
But I adore you, and you adore me
Our love has passed the test

Just like the day
When you took my hand
And you said you wanna
Spend the rest of your life
With me by your side

If I knew then what I know now
I would see that I’d
Fall in love with you more and more
Every day babe and this is how…

When you vacuum the stairs 
Put the kids to sleep 
You make my heart skip a beat 
When you change a flat tire 
Cook dinner for me 
You make my heart skip a beat 

In sickness and in health
Through the good times and the bad
We have pledged our love together
These are the best years that we’ve had

When you kiss me good night
Tuck me in the sheets
You make my life complete

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