Thursday, December 5, 2013

My view on the Hunger Games

My hope for this post is not to cause angry disagreements or bickering. I have just felt this way since I saw the original Hunger Games movie and can't shake it. I have read numerous posts for and against the movie, so I feel like I have a good overall perspective (which I always try to have no matter what).

When SuperDan and I went to see the first movie, we had no idea what it was about. Zero. Seriously. Usually I do my homework before taking the time to arrange childcare and plan a date with the hubster. But for some reason, I just figured I would like it because a lot of people on my facebook feed gave it the thumbs up.

Halfway through the movie I felt absolutely sick. I liked the beginning of the movie, and worryingly wondered what would be portrayed for the actual killing scenes (I hoped and hoped it would just be skipped or something and we'd jump to the aftermath).

When the killing scenes started, I wanted to start bawling, or throw up. Or both. I couldn't watch. I covered my eyes and would only look up when it seemed like it wouldn't be a murder scene. When we walked out of the movie, I said, "Um, what did you think, hun?"

He said, "Well, some parts of the movie were good. But watching children kill each other is horrible. I didn't like it."

"I agree," was my reply. "Are we crazy? Tons of people raved about it. I feel mortified and disgusted."

Honestly I wish I'd never seen the movie. I feel haunted by the scenes of children/teens crying, bleeding, chased, scared out of their minds. If the movie hadn't shown any of theses scenes (and was only implied), maybe I'd feel differently. But the majority of the film depicts this.

The only person I told this to was my mom, who knew we were going on a date and wanted to know how it went the next day.

With the hype of the new Hunger Games coming out, I knew I just wouldn't share in the excitement. I like the idea of a girl standing up for herself and trying to do what's right. I like the idea of ordinary people being heros. I like action and adventure and love and mystery.

But I don't enjoy watching children killing children. I never have and I never will. Even if the rest of the movie is good, I just can't watch it.

I've lived in foreign countries where children live in utter poverty. I've passed by children begging on the streets. I've cried myself to sleep after rocking babies in my arms at orphanages. I've had to hide my tears when an orphan boy asked if he could come home with me to America to study.

I cry uncontrollably imagining the children all around the world caught in slavery, and oftentimes killed. I weep at the thought of my children ever being hurt.

I just can't watch children being murdered. I'm sorry. No matter what the "point" or "moral" of the story may be.

I guess that's my heart. I know we are all entitled to our own opinion, and many of you may disagree. That's ok. I know and understand that. I just wanted to share my sentiments on the movie. Thank you for listening, even if you feel differently.


  1. Wow. I have heard of this movie, but was completely oblivious to what it was about. Reading this post brings tears to my eyes....:(

    1. Laura, you wouldn't believe how troubling it is. I knew you would for sure agree with me here.

  2. I haven't read the books, and finally watched the first movie last week. While I'm a big fan of art that is thought-provoking--even art that can be difficult to digest--I came away from the movie shaken. I've always been sensitive to graphic violence portrayed in writing and on the screen, so that definitely plays a part in it. But yes, the very images you mentioned have remained frozen in my mind. I often ponder how much we as a society benefit from exploring such ideas: Are the thoughts provoked worth the sights seen?

    Anyway, I appreciate your perspective on it and value your willingness to share it, even though it may be an unpopular opinion.

    1. Thank you Lenae. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I am not alone here.

  3. When the first book came out, Nick and I both read it-well, Nick got all the way through it while I literally threw it across the room! I too have traveled to some very hard places where children really are pitted against each other with death becoming an outcome for most. I wondered about the author who wrote this and found that she was "inspired" to write these books after watching a documentary on an African tribe and happened to switch over to "Survivor." She was confused and wondered at the thought process of humans who could make real life for someone in Africa a game for people to watch-Hunger Games.