Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little convos

Little convos that make you go:

0_o : my perplexed face

Sitora points to her kids Bible- "Mom, what is Jesus doing in this picture?"
Me- "He is building something. He's a carpenter."
Sitora- "He makes carps?"


Sitora- "Oh mom, you are so beautiful. Even with all your pimples, you are beautiful."


Sitora at the noisy mall- "I'm so hungry! Can't we get a treat here?
Me- "No, because Daddy made dinner at home and it's waiting for us in the crockpot."
Sitora- "The jackpot?"
Me- "No, the crockpot."
Sitora- "What? The crackpot?"


Sitora at bedtime- "I think I'm gonna mix things up a bit tonight. First we'll pray, then I'll brush my teeth and floss. Then I'll unpause Adventures in Odyssey and turn on my lamp."


Livin' the high life, let me tell ya. We're mixing things up, using crackpots, and studying about a man who made carps.

Life is delightful with an almost 5 year old around :)

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