Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent begins

On the first day of December we started our Advent celebration. I love Advent!

Church was a wonderful way for us to begin the Advent season! We had regular worship songs with a Christmas song added (Hark the Herald Angels Sing). Then my husband preached the first of a four part Advent series today on "Hope".

Tonight Sitora wanted to make a book for a craft. So we folded a stack of paper together then tied a ribbon through a hole to keep it bound (truth be told, we were out of staples!) The she wrote the story of Jesus and illustrated the pages. She and I both came up with the ideas together and then I dictated the spelling. I giggled at her drawings and she was a bit offended. I tried to assure her it was because I loved it, but I think her feelings were hurt. I am going to have to learn to turn away when the laughter bubbles over next time :)

Here is her story. She came up with the title on her own.

Happy Advent season everyone! Jesus truly is our hope :)

Baby Jesus When He Grew Up
By Sitora Faye Gilboy

 Mary was pregnant.

There was no room in Bethlehem. (Gotta love that donkey!)

Baby Jesus was born.

Jesus grew up and loved God.

Jesus was perfect. He loved all. (Jesus in the picture is saying, "I love you.")

He died on a cross.

After 3 days He rose again!

Believe in Jesus and you will be saved!

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