Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn's arrival

I was dreading fall this year. I kept thinking I wasn't ready to give up my summer. It wasn't fair! I'm a summer girl at heart. The sunshine, swimming, green grass, sprinklers, long days, suntans, heat. Love it all. I don't even mind sweating. I'm weird. I know.

Then my birthday came out of nowhere yesterday and gently reminded me that Autumn was here, whether I was ready or not.

I had a wonderful birthday filled with worshiping the Lord and spending time with friends at church in the morning, then some lovely family time in the afternoon. Olive Garden, coffee, playing at the park, bonfire in the backyard roasting marshmallows, watching a movie at home with my love = happy mamma.

My hubby surprised me with the lens I've been dreaming and saving up for! The 70-200 2.8 is finally in my possession and I feel like I'm on cloud nine! (Of course he found a good deal on it. That's why it had to be a surprise- you never know when that good deal is going to show up!) Sitora wrote me a birthday card and drew pictures of our family (in her signature potato person style). I got cards from loved ones, tons of messages online, and phone calls from friends and family. I was overwhelmed with love from everyone special in my life!

When I opened my present from my mom, it was like all of a sudden, it was okay. Fall was alright with me again. I unwrapped three comfy cozy adorable sweaters and pumpkin spice coffee called "Fall in love" with leaves in the shape of a heart. Thanks mom :)

Since today was our family day, I decided we'd spend it at a pumpkin patch. The only downside is it is over an hour away. The heights we'll go to for our family, right? :)

So today I say, "Welcome Autumn! I'm sorry I was angry at you. You did nothing wrong except being yourself. I am excited for all you have to bring this year."

I guess it's like that in the seasons of our life, isn't it? Something changes and we just want everything to stay the same. (Can't those leaves just stay green on the trees and the sun not set until after 8:00pm?) I'm learning that life is full of changes, transitions, new beginnings. Like the physical season arriving, Lord, I welcome whatever new season you may be bringing me into now.

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