Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beach wave curls and dry shampoo

So many serious posts lately get me thinkin' we need some fashion tips up in here!

A few months ago I was invited to a vintage themed garden party by a sweet friend. Of course it was totally my thing and was in dream land the entire time. Sitora and I dressed up Pride and Prejudice  style and I did beach wave curls in my hair. A good friend from college asked me to make a video tutorial on how to curl my hair that way, and I am just now finally getting around to it! So here's the video, courtesy of the cutest kindergartener in town. (P.S. This was our 4th take. Not perfect but it works!)

Next I have to rave about a new product I just tried. I'm not kidding you, my husband got a free sample of it about 4 years ago (maybe even longer) and I've kept it all this time without trying it. I took it across the ocean and back and never opened it.

I finally did. It changed my life. My goodness.

Whenever my hair is greasy and I don't have time to wash/curl/straighten my hair, I add baby powder to my roots and rub it in. It soaks up the grease and looks great. The only problem? I get puffs of baby powder all over the sink, my hands, and my clothes. Every. Time.

I found the bottle of dry shampoo and realized I'd seen someone use it at a wedding I recently shot. I thought I'd give it a try, and boy am I glad! It's amazing!!!!!!! I spray it on my roots and rub it in to get the same affect as the baby powder, without the messy powder! It even gave my hair volume. I'm sold for life.

I am a huge advocate of keeping your hair healthy and not using heat products on it everyday. This product allows you to fix the grease problem, and then you only have to touch up your hair (I straighten or curl the messy areas but don't have to do my whole head). I am not receiving any money for promoting this product, I am just simply happy to share my new found love.

I'm seriously not joking when I tell you that some days I think to myself, "Oh wait... when did I take a shower last?" (Don't worry, it's never more than 3 days...) It's just part of being a parent of youngins. I am on my way to the shower, then little people start crying or wake up from a nap or peed in their pants or need a snack or broke something in the kitchen or hit their brother or threw up or lost their shoe or spilled their drink or or or.........

Dry shampoo. You and I shall be good friends. This is a start to a beautiful relationship!

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