Thursday, March 14, 2013

Custom made Bingo

I'm taking the munchkins to a homeschool co-op tomorrow. It's an Easter party and I'm in charge of bringing a game for all the kids. The children are many different ages so I had to come up with something that would interest them all. Then it came to me- Bingo! Literally. Bingo.

At first I was going to buy an Easter Bingo set I came across at Wal-Mart in the holiday isle. But then I got to thinking, maybe I could find something online to print at home. I stumbled across this website and was pleasantly surprised.

This site allows you to custom make your Bingo set! I didn't browse for long but I saw different holidays and seasons represented. If you have any kind of party this is a great game idea. Once you finalize your decision, you'll see a Bingo page on the screen. You print it, then continue refreshing the page and it scrambles the Bingo set to make a new one. I did this 25 times so I had enough Bingo cards for all the kids. It also gives you the option to print a call-out sheet. It's such a great idea!

I hope the kids like it tomorrow :)

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