Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I wore

As a mamma I have two separate categories of "outfits". There are "fun, out of the house" clothes and "stay at home clothes".

Here is a photo of a vintage "out of the house" outfit I put together last Sunday. I found the polka dot skirt at Goodwill (it used to be long shorts- yuck- so I cut it down the middle to become a skirt). The striped shirt is a hand-me-down from my hubby's aunt. Pretty neat, huh? I mixed navy and black for this outfit, but I don't care. I think it still looks cool (if at least in my own mind...) I figured out how to curl my hair differently that I normally do. Instead of clamping my hair in the barrel and spiral curling it, I just wrapped my hair around the curling iron manually and also twisted the hair at the same time. It produces loose curls and gives a natural look. I love it!

Here is my housewife outfit. Sometimes I dress comfy and casual, and then other times I purposefully dress nicer to motivate myself around the house. I know it sounds crazy, but if I dress up as if I'm going to a job somewhere else, it helps me feel more purposeful in my housework. Also it makes me feel better about myself. And of course, don't forget the apron :)

I haven't documented my outfits in a few years. I used to do that regularly and got out of the habit. Well, mostly I just ran out of time!

I added a new button over on the right side of the blog called "Fashion". If you haven't noticed I have organized my blog into many different labels (i.e. Spiritual, Motherhood, Comic Relief, etc...) and will be sorting out all my past posts into these labels as I have time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo

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