Monday, March 18, 2013

He's almost One

Has one year really gone by? I feel like it was just yesterday we brought Peter home from the hospital. In six weeks my baby will turn one. Unreal.

I think time has gone so quickly because we've had so much to do. Moving to a new town, house, church. Starting up new ministries and making new friends. It's been a whirlwind of a year, that's for sure!

When I look at my son, I am filled with amazement and wonder at the creativeness of the Lord. My daughter and son are so different in many ways. It's incredible to see the hand of God, the image of God printed on their faces, their hearts, their souls. To think that no two children in this world are alike, it just astounds me. Every child comes with a special touch from the Lord- personality, demeanor, talents, calling. Our children don't come to us as a blank book ready for us to write on. They've already come with God's writing all over them, and we get the honor of helping Him fill in the rest of those pages :)

I am so grateful the Lord has given us Peter Daniel to raise. What a privilege. He is such a joy. He is loud, strong, energetic, bubbly, and oh so sweet.

You can bet that I'll be having a party for his birthday! You're all invited :)

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