Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today I...

Woke up at 7:30am.

Am thankful I'm finished with the book of Jeremiah for devotions. I love the Bible but some books are very difficult for me to digest.

Haven't cleaned the kitchen yet.

Keep reminding myself I need to organize upstairs.

Wore a cute fall hat and scarf.

Put up my flyers for my photography business and moms group at the local grocery store and bar.

Couldn't find the canned pumpkin and asked the clerk for help. 

Felt my heart sank as the car wouldn't start on main street.

Fished through the groceries in the backseat deciding what single item to stuff in my purse to take home. I picked the caramel macchiato coffee creamer (it's in my coffee as I type). Ya. Pretty pathetic, I know :)

Realized the 20 minute walk home would actually be refreshing.

Drank in the beauty of the fall colors on my way home.

Wished I wouldn't have worn high heels.

Felt disappointed that all my friends cancelled for moms group tonight.

Felt inspired to make an Autumn photobooth set-up for our church's fall festival.

Felt encouraged when my husband hugged me.

Brewed fresh coffee and poured that oh-so-delicious coffee creamer.

Read a post on facebook from one of my friends overseas experiencing visa/immigration difficulties.

Felt convicted and realized I am blessed.

Decided to have a good attitude despite the temptation to feel crabby today.

Today I am leaning on the Lord.


  1. <3 Love this post. Great reminders. We will totally visit you when we are Minnesotans. =)

  2. Remember, even David started many of his praises with complaints (psalms)