Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A is for advertising

I made some flyers today.

I feel like I work for an advertising agency. I do actually. It's called "Work from home- balance your career and washing the dishes at the same time."

Seriously though, I'm really excited. I made flyers for my photography business and for my mom's group I started a few weeks ago. (And yes, for all you grammar peeps out there, I realize the word "mom's" is singular possessive. Oh well. I'll just keep it that way since I already printed the flyers.) I figured this would get the word out. I put an ad in the paper for my photography business a while ago but I didn't get any clients from that. I wonder if people just don't read the paper anymore? Oh well. You live and learn. Making mistakes and learning from them is all part of the "growing your own business" thing. I never thought I'd try making my own business... in all actuality I really enjoy the challenge and the competition. Did you know someone flagged and deleted one of my photography ads on craigslist? Competition? Hmmmm I'll accept that challenge :) I have received some business via craigslist so I'm going to continue using it.

As far as the mom's group goes... I'm hoping we can reach women who might not go to church and need some support. I'm excited to put the flyer up for it at one of the bars on main street. I ate breakfast there with some friends last week and noticed some families coming in to eat. The wheels in my head started turning and I though this might be a good place to advertise the group.

Here are my flyers. I know they're a bit amateur but hey, I've never taken any advertising or business classes before. I figure I'm doing pretty good for no training :)

I keep praying, "Lord, help my business to grow! And bring more ladies to the mom's group who need the support!" We'll see how it turns out, eh?


  1. Very nice, Casey! I wish that I lived closer to you!

  2. Start a javamama photography Facebook page. Invite all your friends to like and drum up some business that way. It works!!!