Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ma birfday

10:30pm My Birthday Eve- Facebook birthday wishes from friends living in Azerbaijan (it's 10 hours ahead there, so technically it was my birthday for them already!)

7:30am Birthday Day- The munchkins wake us up. We sit in bed cuddling and laughing for an hour.

8:30am- Get out of bed. Realize I have a sore throat and hubby has a headache. Take kids downstairs.

8:35am- Feed Sitora cereal. Realize she has a stuffy nose ("Mom, I'm not sick. It's just that my nose keeps going open, close, open, close.") Plop Peter on my lap to edit photos (seriously, all photographers understand that editing is fun and relaxing).

11:00am- I start getting ready for our hot date while hubby takes care of the little people.

1:00pm- My wonderful sister-in-law living in Alaska calls to wish me happy birthday. Love her.

2:00pm- We eat a scrumptious meal of mac 'n cheese. We have no food in our house. I secretly love mac 'n cheese- don't judge.

3:00pm- Peter goes down for another nap while we take Sitora outside to swing. So. Windy. Fall. Has. Come.

3:45pm- Pack the kids up and drive them to our friends' house. Had a great time hanging out for a few minutes there. ("Remember to take Sitora potty. Peter only cries when he's hungry or tired. Wow I can't believe we're going on a date without the kids, this like never happens!")

4:30pm- The hubby and I leave for Olive Garden sans children. Once in a lifetime people. Once in a lifetime.

4:45pm- Call my mom in the car. Gush to her about how fantastic her presents were. 

6:00pm- I order something I've never eaten before (I usually get unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks). I absolutely devour my plate of fried shrimp and pasta. The hubby enjoys peach chicken with pasta.

7:00pm- My love and I take a walk in the brisk autumn air then enjoy a quiet evening at Starbucks. We take pictures. Then hold hands. Lovely.

7:30pm- My brother and sister-in-law and their kids call to wish me happy birthday. So cute!

9:00pm- Leave Starbucks. Call Grandma while driving home. Tell her I'll use the birthday money she sent me towards new lens. She tells me my photos are already good enough. I laugh and say I have a ways to go in photography, but thanks for the compliment.

9:15pm- Sister-in-law from Missouri texts me happy birthday. So fun!

10:00pm- Arrive back in town to pick up our happy children. They had a blast. Thank our friends profusely, over and over. Awesome.

10:30pm- Put the kids to bed then start preparing for church in the morning. Promise each other we'll watch War Horse together tomorrow evening after youth group.

11:00pm- Tell my hubby I'm drooling over the 100mm Cannon lens. I have birthday money. Hint hint...

11:02pm- Hubby agrees to buy me the lens this week after looking for a good deal.

11:03pm- I almost pass out from happiness. New lens! AH!

11:30pm- Read all my awesome facebook birthday wishes. Read Jeremiah and Proverbs. Bed time.

28 years of blessings.

Thank you to my family and friends for making me feel loved on my special day :)

I've journeyed through valleys and mountaintops and Jesus has been with me through it all. I look forward to another year growing and learning more about my Savior's love!

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