Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book time

When life brings it's uncertainties, I can always count on our book time. No matter how crabby either of us has been, no matter what happened that day, no matter how I feel about life, book time is always the same.

Every night. 10 + books. And don't even try to hide one, because little SeƱorita will find you out. She's a smart one.

It's the little seemingly mundane daily tasks that make up the life of a mommy. But if you pick apart each activity and see it for the beautiful thing it is, instead of grouping it together as just a list of things to do that day, then it can be a deeply sentimental moment.

As a mom I can't really think ahead too much. I have to take each day at a time. And honestly, I'm mostly taking it one hour at a time. Because it's complicated and uncertain. It's beautiful and it's humbling.

But even if I tried to blame book time on calming Sitora down, I wouldn't be giving it the credit it deserves. I think book time calms this mamma down as much as it does this toddler.

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