Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big kid class

My little girl is growing up.

Today was her first time in the "bigger" nursery class on Sunday morning. Meaning... she's three and potty trained. Both of those criteria have to be met in order to join the class (hey... that means most of us would be eligible to join too!) Hehe...

I was so proud of her. She didn't have any accidents and was super excited to tell me all the fun things they did. I get really sentimental when she brings me her craft sheet that she colored or glued something-or-another on (I just hope she's not the kid eating the glue though...) I remember when I was in junior high helping out with the three year old class on Sunday mornings... I would sit on the kid sized chairs (that still fit me) with the adorable munchins and had a blast coloring with them. I was so happy when the parents picked up their smiling kids and watched them "oo" and "ah" over their coloring pages. And now, I am that parent. It really brings me to tears. I just love it.

Here is a video of our big girl "reading" a book. Her little voice is precious, is it not?

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