Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mamma braids

So I tried a waterfall french braid on myself yesterday. It was hard to do it by myself the first time, but I think after I few tries I'll get better at it.

I started behind my left ear then worked my way around the back of my head to my right ear. I bobby-pinned the end of the braid and covered the pins up with a flower clip.

I didn't like the way my bangs were hanging in my face (I'm growing them out) so I french braided them as well and pinned them under the flower clip.

I scrunched my hair with gel instead of curling it because I wanted to go for the natural look that a braid suggests.

This next style I did two days ago was really easy. I just french braided all of my hair loosely starting from behind my left ear. I worked my way around the back of my head and then kept braiding the ends of my hair (that were hanging on the the side, like a side pony-tail) and secured with an elastic. I then wrapped the long braid around in a circle and pinned in place behind my right ear. To cover up the pins I placed a flower clip in the middle of the braided circle. I twisted my bangs back into the braid and secured with bobby pins.

I like braiding my hair once in a while because it gives my locks a break from heat and product. Plus it keeps my hair out of my face when cooking and cleaning. I try to curl/straighten my hair only max 3 times a week to help it stay healthy and grow faster. The more heat, the more damage, the more trims = the slower you can grow it out.

I also don't wash my hair everyday. If my bangs or the top of my head is greasy I will only wash those parts. Otherwise I use baby powder and gently massage it into my roots to soak up the grease. It really works! (I don't know how it would work on a brunette though? The white powder might not blend in.)

I'm having lots of fun trying new hairstyles again! The baby nausea from the first trimester really did me in. I was lucky then if I just showered, let alone styled my hair!

Until next time :)

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