Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zig-zag french braid

Day two of trying cooler hairstyles complete.

This braid is just like two french braids except you zig-zag the part instead of parting the hair straight down. It gives it a little creative edge on a typical style.

If you take a look at where your daughter's (or whoever you are doing hair for) hair parts in the front by their forehead, try to start there with the zig-zag part. Sitora's hair has always parted on the side, so I never part her hair in the middle. It would make a funky cow-lick looking thing if I did that. I see this on a lot of little girls. Stick with your child's natural part and go from there.

The good news is, tomorrow for Sunday service I can take out Sitora's braids and she'll have beautiful natural waves! I'll probably just put a flower clip in the front and leave the rest down. I made sure to braid her hair right after her bath, that way it was easier to keep the braids tight and the waves will be more pronounced tomorrow morning :)

I love having a daughter. I told SuperDan that we can have 10 boys now since I have my girl. It just dawned on me yesterday that someday my princess will grow up and I won't have anyone else's hair to do (unless I have more daughters, but they will grow up too). I think I'll have to be the neighborhood granny stylist and do all the neighbor girls' hair for kicks!

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