Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love love love love love

I. love. Valentine's. Day


Mostly because I finally have a Valentine :) These past 6 1/2 years with my husband have been a dream come true, and those years waiting for Mr. Right were long and sometimes sad.  (Yes, I was the broken-hearted girl in Spanish class pretending to do my homework while the popular girls got Valentine's roses and teddy bears delivered by the school student council from their boyfriends.)

I also love spoiling the princess on holidays and today was just another excuse to do so. We made a big deal of calling her "our special Valentine" all day long and telling her how much we love her. I wrote her out a card and had SuperDan read it to her. Her face lit up like the sun as she listened and munched on her cupcake marshmallow on a stick.

I made a mushy card for my man and gave him lots of unhealthy treats. He gave me romantic things like chocolate, bath beads, and a candle.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch while Sitora stayed at Grandma's house. It was romantic and sweet and perfect. Now we are doing puzzles with Sitora and watching Valentine shows on TV. I am such a sucker for holidays. When's the next one? :)

I'm 30 weeks preggo... not much time left before we meet little man Gilboy! I am sooo ready to be a mommy of two!

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I've been waiting for another preggo picture! It sounds like your Valentine's day was great. So happy for you guys!!