Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pregnancy stuff

I'm pretty certain that if you are a guy then you won't be interested in reading this post :)

So when I was pregnant with Sitora I read about one million and a half books on everything pregnancy related. I studied my little heart out so that I would be prepared at every prenatal appointment. With a list of questions ready, I would basically interview my doctor to make sure I felt secure with her knowledge and flexibility in working with my birth plan. She passed the test with flying colors. Not only did she welcome my questions and commend me on my research, but she reassured me that my natural birth plan would be followed. She was right- the hospital staff treated me like a princess the day of the birth and followed all of my wishes perfectly. I love my doctor, I love our hospital. I am so blessed to be back at the same place for my second pregnancy!

All of this to say, in my past research I remember studying the Group B streptococcus infection. I never had it when I was pregnant with Sitora, thankfully. But we received a call yesterday that my urine test from last week's appointment came back positive for Group B strep. The office called in an antibiotic to our local pharmacy for me and we picked it up right away. I was grateful that I already knew what this was. I've been reading more about it today and I am thinking it could be related to my bladder/kidney infection I had this past summer in Azerbaijan. Whatever the case, I'm just thankful that the lab discovered it right away!

I am usually a healthy person and hardly ever go to the doctor... so it feels strange that this is my second round of antibiotics this pregnancy. But I know its necessary. I've felt extremely exhausted and wiped out since I started the antibiotics yesterday- I take three a day for seven days. I told SuperDan this morning, I am sick of being sick. I feel like a bump on a log that doesn't help anyone. I just want to feel better!

Yesterday I was taking one of my pills and it caused me to gag. I rushed to the sink (couldn't make it to the bathroom) and threw up. I hate throwing up. It is the yuckiest feeling ever. But at the same time, I'm thankful that my baby is healthy. If throwing up is a good sign, then I will be grateful for it.

When my children are teenagers, if they are ever disrespectful or rude to me I will calmly state, "Dear children, do you have any idea how much your mother suffered to bring you into this world?" And then I will go on to explain in great detail, just to gross them out! :)

"A moment in my tummy... a lifetime in my heart."


  1. Hi Casey! I am praying for you- and really hope these antibiotics will make you feel better. I am just a little behind you- due May22nd. It is fun to keep reading how your pregnancy is going and compare with what I am going through too. I am not sure if the hospitals here even know about the Strep B so I will try to ask around about it. Love ya.

  2. I'm sorry things are a bit rough for you right now with the pregnancy. That's so great they caught the GBS+ now. I was just tested again for that the other day. Just remember when you feel like a "bump on a log" and can't do stuff for others, that you're doing a VERY important job right now of growing that little baby! I'll pray you have peace in this time and will feel better soon!
    Oh and I LOVE your plan to tell your teenagers in detail what you went through for them, I may have to borrow that idea!
    Love you lots!

  3. I was really hoping that you would have an easy pregnancy this time! sorry it's not! I had that strep B with Titus. There were no problems, thankfully. It is good they found it now.
    Also, maybe I'm missing it, but I'm looking forward to some baby bump pictures :). Direct me if I"m missing it.
    I love your last quote.