Thursday, October 20, 2011

The leaves

Fall is here. It is definitely here.

Oh how I have missed this season. The past two years we lived in a city that was very much a desert. We didn't get the chance to see the leaves change brilliant colors of orange and red. My daughter has no previous experience jumping in leaves. She's never been to an apple orchard or carved a pumpkin. It brings tears to my eyes when we watch her experience something for the first time in America...

... like the leaves.

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  1. This is SO adorable! You have such a beautiful family! I'm so glad Sitora gets to enjoy the fun Fall festivities in WI! Our Fall was gorgeous but too short! Although the snow on the trees and ground is quite stunning and I don't really mind that it's here already! We have been graced with winter in Alaska (at least in Fairbanks!)