Saturday, May 28, 2011

You don't play fetch with babies

Yesterday I went to the Baby House in the morning. It was a great start to my day. I'm not usually totally jam-packed on Fridays, but yesterday was very much so. We had some very important business to take care of in the afternoon (therefore causing my daughter to miss her afternoon nap- not. good.) then in the evening I hosted a girls movie night.

But starting off my day with the babies set the tone for my attitude for the whole day- in a good way. Each time I come back I am more grateful, thankful, striving not to complain or argue... I'm more sensitive and aware. I feel more alive.

Those babies have changed me. They do it every. single. time.

The babies were in great moods when we arrived. We were surprised and thrilled! I rushed to my Baby K and cuddled her like I always dream of doing while we are away. She was so giggly- which is unusual. She is babbling a bit, standing up for short periods of time when I hold her hands, and crawling a teensy-tiny bit. She grabs for toys and plays with them with curiosity. It breaks my heart wondering if she doesn't get much stimulation when we are not there.

One of the workers is older- maybe in her 50's. She doesn't treat the babies harshly, but she doesn't interact with them much either. She conducts herself more like a supervisor, sitting on a chair leaning back, only intervening if she is needed. The children look at her as if they are seeking her approval. They run to her (like a child would run to their mother) and she spouts out short comments like "go" or "come" with zero love or emotion. At one point she looked over at me and said, "I play this game with the children. I throw a toy and the babies grab it and bring it back to me."

I was disgusted. That game is called fetch. You play it with dogs. Not babies.

Of course the children liked the stimulation with their "mother-figure" but I just felt sick to my stomach thinking how twisted it was. Why can't she sit on the floor and play with them? Why does she have to sit on her chair and just throw the toys at them? Wow. Lord help me with my anger.

I was tossing a ball back and forth with Baby K (more like rolling it on the floor and basically handing it to her) when she tossed it over my shoulder and it landed next to this particular worker. She picked it up, tossed it right at Baby K's forehead on purpose, and laughed. I almost cried. I almost yelled at her. I almost did a lot of things. *sigh* I decided it was best not to do anything but move Baby K farther away from this lady so we could continue our game in peace.

Lord, my earnest desire is for these children to be adopted into loving families- locals or foreigners. But if that isn't possible at this time, then my prayer is that you would touch the hearts of the orphanage workers. Speak to them somehow- any way possible- a dream, a vision, a book, a conversation, you can use anything! But please, I beg You, transform their hardened hearts so that they will treat these precious children with more love and compassion. Help them to see these babies through YOUR eyes. Oh Father, how I ache to take one home. How I ache to see these angels adopted into loving families who love You!

Here is a picture I took of a special orphanage training course I attended a few weeks ago. A team from New Zealand flew here to train us in music/massage therapy for traumatized children. These particular workers in this picture do not work at the baby house- they work at a disabilities orphanage outside of town. Would you join me in prayer that all orphanage workers in this country would learn how to lovingly care for the children?

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  1. I once prayed to see people through God's eyes, from a male prospective it was horrible, God really gave me so much more compassion for people! I don't know if I ever could've treated children the way you describe the orphanage workers, but I was so much more cold and calloused until I allowed Him to work in me this way. I will join you in prayer Casey! Those children deserve so much more. I know if God moved my heart from where it used to be, He can do the same for them. And he can guard and protect those babies innocense as well!