Friday, May 27, 2011

She wants to be a big girl

She's growing up. She's losing her baby fat and getting taller. And she knows how to "smile with her teeth" for photos now.

She wants to be a big girl. Which mostly means she wants to be like Mommy. She adores these sparkly shoes our good friends from America gave her last summer. (Although toddler-hood has scuffed up the toes pretty badly. But life's all about getting back up after you fall, right?)

She wants to bring a purse everywhere we go - just like Mommy. Take this toy kennel for example. It's for a fluffy kitty, but she put her striped zebra in instead. My Grandma gave that zebra toy to me when I was a child. She just wanted to have "something" in her "purse" - zebra or lipstick, it didn't matter. She felt very grown up :)

I am beyond thrilled that I have a daughter. I love doing her hair, dressing her up, making her feel like a princess. It's scary though how much she watches me and copies my actions. It makes me more careful in everything I say and do.

Father, I want to be like You- because she wants to be like me.

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