Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hintage Vippie

I'm a vintage hippie. A hintage vippie you could say.

I want to grow my hair out forever (which by the way, is literally happening as we speak... haven't cut it for 10 months now... my haircut strike is goin' strong baby).

I want to wear long flowy items and pin on lots of flowers. I want to play guitar (or piano, or spoons) on the street corner for money just for fun.

But on the other hand, I want to be a vintage 20's mother who wears cute aprons in the kitchen while baking cupcakes for her hubby. I want to wear pink lipstick, high-heels, and English sun-hats. I want to braid my hair into a cute bun and wear polka-dot and ruffles.

I guess I just wanna be both. Maybe I'll switch every other day? Sounds good.

But it was way beyond awesome to play the hippie part for a fun night a few weeks ago. I think I actually transformed into the part- which is kinda creepy. It's like how a spy goes undercover and over time they start to "become" the secret spy identity and don't even really know who they were to begin with. I "was" a hippie that night. For reals.

Yes. That's me. Doing the splits. Cheerleading junior year of high school did me good. Too bad that uniform no longer fits. (Well, it fits but that doesn't mean it covers everything! LOL!)

It's fun to play dress-up. Even when you're 26. A girl's a girl no matter how old she may be!

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