Monday, April 4, 2011

Our family photoshooot

I love our little family. We are like three peas in a pod. (Are you allowed to say that, since it's usually two? Well I just did!)

The thing I love about custom photography is it captures you as you truly are. No fake smiles and cheesy poses- just plain ol' fun! Of course I've had to force a smile out of my husband a time or two in our family photoshoot history... not every picture is completely candid :) But you get my gist.

I wish I could capture every breathtakingly beautiful moment in our lives and keep it tucked away safely in a bottle forever.  And I guess in a way, that's what a picture does. I will never forget these moments, these smiles, these giggles, thanks to my dear friend Leslie. Thank you Les for taking the time to make our photos exceptional! You can check out her website here. She's basically amazing.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

This picture is dripping with romance, is it not? :)


  1. Very nice! What a beautiful family. Good job, Leslie!!

  2. love these pics Casey! your family is beautiful! so are you and your long gorgeous hair!!!

  3. These are so so so stinkin' cute!