Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion heaven

Most days I feel like a normal Joe Smoe, but not today. Today I felt special. I was wearing an outfit that almost perfectly summed me up. It's not very often I find clothes that I truly resonate with. Usually I just wear hand-me-downs or clearance clothes or something like that. But once in a while I see something at a store and I just know it was meant for me. I know I will wear it 365 days a year, practically! (Well that would be kinda gross. So maybe not that much.) In Dubai I found the most amazing outfit and it was love at first sight!

I loved the girly pink top with flowers and lace. I loved the vintage skirt that twirled when I spun around. It was just too good to be true.

I slipped on my new pink apron from IKEA (and the angels sing, "ALLELUJAH!") and baked some yummy cupcakes with my princessa. I even put on "summer pink" lipstick for the occasion. (Yes, making cupcakes is an occasion in my book!)

The accessories I wore today just made my heart so happy. This necklace was on clearance for 4 manat a few months ago, so I snagged it. It's a beautiful heart pendant with a bird perched in a tree. I tied some ribbon on as well to add some girlie flair. (The ribbon was free by the way... It was connected to my new shirt to help put it on the hanger- you know, those extra pieces you cut off after you buy a dress or shirt?)

Next comes the bracelet. My mom bought it at a farmers market years ago for herself. When I saw it, I begged her to give it to me for my birthday. It's made of old spoons. The hanging pendents are a music note and a cross, exactly what I would pick.

My mom told me that old silverware sets used to be named something special and unique. Apparently these spoons came from the set called, "First Love" as you can see inscribed inside. Is that not one of the most romantic things you've ever seen in your life?

"Why does this all matter?" you may ask. Good question. Well, I'll be honest, some days as a housewife and mom I tend to feel a bit isolated and frumpy. But when I take the time to dress myself up, it really lightens my mood and gets me into the swing of things. Since I was wearing so much pink, I went ahead and made pink cupcakes for youth group. I lit candles all over the house and played upbeat music while our students arrived. It was a really fun night, and I felt all sunshiny and free-spirited. It sounds silly and maybe a tad bit shallow, but dressing up and wearing some lipstick can really lift my spirits. (It probably helped that I hung out at my faaaavorite coffee shop with my favorite youth girls and got my favorite coffee drink.... but the pink outfit gets most the credit!)

I like being girly. It's fun.


  1. What great finds! You look beautiful!


  2. I know what you mean about feeling better when I dress up a bit. Sometimes when I'm just starting to get sick I'll dress up a bit so that I feel better. Love your new outfit and jewelry!!

  3. you are too cute!