Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 going on 13

I just hosted a girls sleepover at our apartment for our youth group last night. Sitora had a blast being the center of attention. She put her feet in the foot massage machine and loved it. She watched me highlight a girl's hair and asked, "Hey Mom, whatcha doin'?" She begged for more cupcakes. She snuggled the girls while they watched movies like High School Musical and Letters to Juliet. She may or may not have woken up at 2am and spent a few hours hanging out in the living room chatting away with her "friends" until I insisted she go back to bed at 4:30am...

She also woke up with a new vocabulary this morning

Here are some of the comments I've overheard today from little Ms. Princess herself...

"Hey girlfriend! Mom, say 'girlfriend'!"

"Oh my gosh." (I normally say "oh my goodness" at home.)

"That is so cool Mom!"

She was going on and on about "Nelly" today, and for the love of Pete I could not figure out what on earth she was referring to. I would repeat, "Nelly?" and she would remark, "No. Not Nelly Mom. Nelly!" I thought long and hard about what she could be talking about. I started naming off the girls who slept over until the light bulb went on. "Oooooh, are you talking about Natalie?" She went wild with excitement that I finally translated her toddlereeze language.

I definitely think my 2 year old is turning 13 next year, based on our current circumstances. What do you think?

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