Monday, March 21, 2011

Vintage deco

Dear IKEA,

Thank you ever so kindly for providing affordable and adorable household items to my family. You have blessed my life more than you can ever imagine. I especially appreciate this new vintage line goin' on for kids stuff. Take for example this super sweet table setting for my daughter. I love that the little alligator man is pulling yummy fruits and veggies with his wagon (which, you guessed it, also is a vegetable!) What a cunning and sneaky way to convince children to eat healthy. I'm sure my daughter will look down at Mr. Alligator man with his fruits and veggies and find herself drooling for the same foods. Candy is bad. Thanks for the subliminal message (oops I think I spotted a cupcake on top of the banana.)

And although the room deco stickers were a bit pricey (alright, they were realllly pricey) they were so worth it! We can't paint our daughter's room, so the stickers were the perfect girly touch we needed. Genius. Pure genius. Who designs for you guys at IKEA anyways? I'm sure it's a housewife raising her kids with creativity spilling out of her brain while washing the dishes. That's when our best comes out, didn't you know? Yes I'm sure you know. I'm almost certain your board members consist mostly of women. It only makes logical sense.

And the little frog man driving his flying car? He's my new best friend. Mostly because of his red and white checkered tie. And his little mosquito side-kick. Totally rad.

I would frequent you more, dear IKEA, but alas, a country divides us (literally, just one). Our friendship can stand the test of time, which is proven by the fact that I don't see you for months or even years, and yet we connect as if time had never passed. You are always there for me when I need you- just as clean and orderly as when I left you. If you were a person, I'd take you out on a coffee date. And that is a true sign of love, right there.

Sincerely and always yours,

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  1. You are SO great, Casey! I LOVE Ikea too and am so sad Alaska doesn't have one yet. I went while in Ptld last week and spent a whopping $1.98 there on 2 dish brushes. Impressive, eh?! Well, I actually didn't have much room left in my suitcase, otherwise I'm sure I would have gone a bit more crazy! Just another thing we have in common, a great fondness for Ikea! Glad it was so good to you this vacation!