Friday, February 25, 2011

What makes a good photographer

Probably one of my favorite photographs I've ever taken thus far in my little artistic journey.

These sisters are so beautiful, are they not? For goodness sake, I'm not even related to them and I want to blow this picture up and hang it in my bedroom!

It's days like these, when I come close to capturing the beauty of a moment (for who can fully capture the beauty of any moment anytime?), that I sit back, breathe in deep, and come to the conclusion that this is what I love to do.

I love people. I love art. I love cameras. There you have it.

And it's not even just the fact that I love taking pictures. The truth is I love people so very, very much. I love to make them happy. I love it when genuine smiles creep up on their cheeks when they see a photo of themselves that they absolutely love. To hear someone squeal with delight and thank me for taking a wonderful shot of them- this is my dream.

Making a child giggle during a photoshoot, wiping lint off the shoulder of a security guard, brushing the hair of a food service worker, all these moments help make me become a better photographer. What kind of portrait photographer would I be if I wasn't good with people?

When I see this photo, I remember how hard we worked together to get this shot. We tried so very many poses, we fixed hair, we worked and worked some more, and then this happened. And it took my breath away.

These sisters have my heart.
Now I shall go print an 11 x 17 of this photo for my bedroom.
Okay just kidding, but I seriously could... ;)


  1. The skin tones are "spot on." This looks like an ad! The girls have natural poses, not stiff. I had three sisters and I would have LOVED to have had a photo like this of all four of us girls. Priceless!

  2. Casey it's so perfect! Thank you so much. My sisters and I all love it. I'm sure my parents will buy multiple copies. We really appreciate you taking pictures for us, it's so awesome that God blessed us with a photographer like you. Thanks again.