Monday, February 21, 2011

think outside the box

Toddlers. Oh their creative minds- swirling, turning like wheels. You can just see the yearning in their eyes for knowledge, for adventure, for thinking outside the box.

Ya, sometimes they think TOO much outside of the box. Let's stay inside the box, shall we? I like the box. The box is nice and tidy.

My daughter has discovered that the world is her playground and she is going to explore every little doggon thing she can get a hold of!

Exhibit A: Sitora decides that while mommy's not looking, this would be the opportune time to get out the vaseline jar. She's been told numerous times she's not aloud to touch the vaseline jar, but mommy's not around to catch her this time. She decides to grab globs and globs of vaseline and wipe them all. over. the. house.

For starters, she wipes it all over her potty chair. I guess this has a purpose, somewhere deep down inside her little mind. I'm sure sitting on the potty for long periods of time waiting for something to come out worthy of candy must not feel too comfy on the bum-bum. Sitting on vaseline would sure ease the pain, wouldn't it?

I then proceeded to find vaseline wiped all over the bathroom lightswitch and sink. I'm guessing she was trying to "wash" her hands after she realized the vaseline was not coming off her little fingers after many failed attempts of randomly wiping them all throughout the house.

I also found my iphone smeared with vaseline. This was not good.

And don't forget the table, not only covered in a thin layer of vaseline, but also small globs of it dabbed here and there, almost like a miniature mountain range.

Exhibit B: Coloring isn't just for paper. Oh no. That's just way too boring! Sitora has decided that anything and everything can be colored on, despite her mother and father's best attempts at disciplining her when caught. A nice, brand new chair purchased by our landlord's is a great place to start, isn't it? Or how about the walls? They are just way too white. And Sitora's brand new clothes needed some pen markings as well. But she didn't want to color on her old clothes. Oh no, there's no need for that. Just the new clothes.

Exhibit C: Whenever Sitora sits down on her little potty chair, she's way too bored to just sit there patiently. There's got to be something to do to pass the time of course. So the easiest and most convenient activity? Grabbing her toes and picking through them looking for toe-jam. She pulls out each and every little goobery lint ball and carefully drops it on the floor. Forget the part where toe-jam just comes out in the bathtub- that would be too easy. One must methodically locate each and every particle for proper disposal. (And Sitora may or may not sometimes eat it. But I won't expound upon that any further, for your own good.)

So, welcome to the world of toddlers! Where anything and everything is possible. Rules smules. Toddlerzania is a free country with complete democracy, right?

Well, not if I have anything to do with it :) Until then, we'll be meandering through the backroads of toddlerhood trying to come out alive. I'll see you on the other side! (But I can't guarantee if my sanity will make it...)

"MOM! Hold my hand! Dance like a baller-nina. Turn on the mus-gic!"


  1. Oh dear . Sounds like an exciting day at your house. Dan is coming home soon-right?

  2. Haha, oh dear, but she sure is cute! Did you know WD-40 takes crayon off walls?