Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photoshoot rerun

This post has absolutely no purpose. I decided to act a little goofy and post some photos my friend took of me last summer around Baku. A little bit o' cute, silly, and serious. Good times, my friends, good times.

I'm hoping to grab one last photoshoot from this gal before she moves away in two months. I have this AWESOME photo idea I realllllly want her to do for my family. I'll give you a few hints. It involves an umbrella, kissing, and holding of hands. If I can pull this photo idea off, I'll have the picture of a lifetime. If all goes as planned, I hope to blow up the photo as big as possible and frame it in our bedroom. But it's still only an idea, not yet born into reality.

In other news, Sitora kissed her boyfriend three times tonight. Not so sure how I feel about that one ;)


  1. Ooooo...can't wait to see your idea photo!!

  2. not sure if you care or how picky you get with photos, but for your photo of a might want to take off the ponytail holder from your wrist! :)I am just anal!