Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say cheese!

Ah. A new photography adventure. Always a treat.

A new client, a prospective photoshoot, an upcoming job, they all equal late nights of stress and anxiety by yours truly.

Have I researched enough? Is my battery charged, and the back-up battery as well? Do I have spare SD cards? Have I looked up all possible shoot ideas? Is my lens clean? Will I get the settings right? 

Jeez Louise, Casey, get a grip and just go to bed already! (5 hours of sleep is definitely NOT enough, but it'll have to do.)

I'm actually very, very pleased with how this photo session turned out. I was asked, for the first time in my short life, to take school portraits for a school with over 150 students. I have no equipment other than my hand-dandy camera and this brilliant noggin' of mine (ha... ha.... okay no one's laughing). So lighting had to be natural, and a backdrop needed to consist of art paper found in a back closet. Got everything? Check, check, and check!

Here are the results. Please no critiques, I already know what could be better. I just wanted to "get it out there" and show the world what we accomplished! A huge sigh of relief from this girl, right here.


  1. Casey, you did awesome! Especially with limited resources. Az will teach you to be creative that is for sure :)