Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My songs

Playing with seasoned musicians is a real treat. I had the honor of performing with my talented friends at our local coffee shop this past weekend. The theme was "Valentine's day", so we all picked songs revolving around loooove.

I picked a few songs to play with the band and a few to play by myself. It's always exciting to perform my own songs I've written. But the best part of the entire night? Having the band accompany me for one of those songs. Whenever I write a song, I usually can only imagine it being played by me. But when the other musicians heard the song, they seemed to just naturally soak in the beat and feeling. I couldn't believe how amazing it sounded with all of us together! I was floating in the clouds, let me tell you!

My dream is to someday record the songs I've written. Not so much for other people to have (although I would love that) but for me to have forever, so that I'll never forget them.

The sweetest moment of the evening? When my songs were finished and sweet Sitora stood up clapping and shouting, "Yay Mommy! You did it!" Everyone heard it and giggled :)

Lyric Excerpt from my song, "Starlight, Starbright"

So take my hand and lead me there
Promise you won't lead me where I can't find you
Whisper in my ear again
Tell me you'll be with me until the end

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