Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow white and no time to be sick

I think I'm on the last stretch of this yucky flu. It's been nearly three days of endless torture. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This destructive sickness had a few stages. Let me share them with you :)

Stage 1: Faintness, exhaustion
Stage 2: Fever
Stage 3: Body ache, endless sleeping, headache
Stage 4: Twenty-four hours straight of digestive problems (we'll leave it at that...)
Stage 5: Runny nose, sneezing, head conjestion

I'm in stage 5 and hoping that soon I'll be home free!

I don't have time to be sick. I have a very busy schedule this next week with so many things to plan. My head is swimming with details I need to hash out while at the same time my body is telling me to lay down and rest. I saw an advertisement on the metro a few weeks ago for Theraflu (oh how I love that stuff!) I am pretty proud of my myself that I could read it all in Azeri - the advertisement's slogan is exactly what I just said- because "I don't have time to be sick." But honestly, does anybody have time to be sick? Especially a mom! My husband has been doing a fantastic job of running the household, and yesterday he shopped, cooked, planned, and led youth group as well. All the while I was laying in bed unable to move a muscle. But today as my energy is slowly regaining, I am rummaging through the house picking up trash, reorganizing, and straightening up. I still can only stand up for short periods of time though before I feel faint again.

It snowed this morning (and still is) - the first real snow this whole season! The snow is actually sticking to the ground. I have been dreaming of playing in the snow with Sitora for the past year. Sitora gazed out the window at breakfast with wide eyes and exclaimed, "Oh, it's Snow White! Let's go outside and play with Snow White!" I giggled at her comment, but sadly admitted to myself that I was in no condition to take her to play out in the snow today. I am hoping the snow will stick for a few more days when I'll be back to full health.

Amidst the aches and pains, I have had much time to listen to the Daily Audio Bible app on my iphone. I love listening to Father's word. It is so soothing and refreshing. I was in and out of sleep at one point when music started playing at the end of the bible reading... I had a vision of myself in heaven sitting at the feet of Father's Son. I was overjoyed to be in His presence, finally, after all this waiting. I was crying tears of joy and thankfulness and was washing his feet with my tears and drying them with my hair- just like the story in the bible (Luke 7:36-50). It really encouraged me and I woke up with tears in my eyes. I am reminded of what I am living for- only for Him. Even in sickness He is my joy!

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