Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ever think about them?

Orphanage workers. You don't really think much about them do you? Sure, you hear stories about orphanages and the children and whatnot, but rarely would you consider what their lives are like.

They work long hours, are understaffed, underpaid, and have little to no training.

Orphanages in this country are not fully funded. At the baby house I volunteer at, the workers pool their own money together to buy plastic covers for the diapers. They make a little over $100 a month. Hardly enough to live by, don't you think? (And the cost of living is not cheap here.)

At the disabilities orphanage (pictures above) the workers are dealing with special needs children. It is a difficult job, I will admit. How many of you personally know a precious angel with a disability? All of us do. In developed countries these little blessings are given the chance for therapy and special schooling. Not these children. Parents don't want them. Maybe they are ashamed, maybe they don't have the finances, who knows.

I was told that oftentimes some children at this orphanage have MILD problems like epilepsy. The parents take them to the doctor to get a "note" that states the child is severely handicapped and needs to live in this orphanage. Therefore, these almost completely normal children are living in a disabilities home and all they need is some simple epilepsy medicine! Outrageous! My heart aches at the thought.

A group of us here are raising money to buy presents for the orphanage workers. Remember my last post about the baby house? If we can bless the workers, they in turn will hopefully have more love and compassion for the children they take care of. They are the ones basically "raising" these children! We volunteers only put in a few hours every week when we are allowed in. They, in a way, are the "mammas".

We will be selling baked goods for Valentines Day. Then we will take the money to buy nice gifts like perfume, soap, and chocolate for the ladies.

Will you pray with us? That we make a good amount of money, that we buy presents that will truly bless the workers, and that they in turn would love and bless the orphans?

Oh how I long for the day when our Father returns and there will be no more tears or pain. He will wipe every tear from the eyes of the orphans of this world.


  1. LOVE this post. I have similarly thought about how hard the workers lives are. I've been to Saray about 20 times and Mashtaga once - in both places... hard lives are lived by all involved. I will definitely pray for them. Where will your bake sell be? BIF?

    Jessica Darling

  2. I will be praying & asking others to do the same for this wonderful fund raiser!! Your heart never grows tired of loving others & I am so grateful to God for Mom

  3. Praying for you and the orphanage workers! I work at an orphanage in Ongole, India. We have 83 children, all with special needs. We face many of the same issues - no government funding, uneducated workers. and we have to do frequent training of the workers. Your mom emailed me about your work. I would love to partner with you in prayer for each other's ministry.

    God bless you and ALL the works of your hands. May God bring in the funds you need from all over the world and new and unexpected sources!