Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm not really a huge football fan, but my husband sure is!

You see, I married into a family who loves the Packers... therefore naturally I too shall love them.

Where my husband goes, I shall go also. Even if that means wandering into sports territory!

Over here on this side of the world, the Superbowl aired at 3:30 in the MORNING, folks. So we stayed up from 2:00am- 8:00am to watch it. Yes, I'm serious. No, I'm no joking. Yes, we were ridiculously tired. No, we didn't care!

We ate hot wings, chili, chips (DORITOS may I add), and had a grand ol' time.

Let's just say my favorite commercial was the one where a guy forgot to water his roommate's plant and feed the fish. So when he realized his buddy was coming home soon, he crumbled Doritos into the fish bowl, into the plant pot, and then accidentally knocked over his friend's grandfather's ashes. The doritos that spilled on the floor caused the ashes to come to life. So when his roommate came home, he saw his grandpa sitting on the couch with his buddy. I am not joking, I am STILL laughing about that commercial! Maybe it was funnier at 5:00am...

Anyways, here's to da Packers. I know our friends and family in Wisconsin are beyond thrilled! We wish we could have enjoyed the game with you in person. I'm sure everyone would have been running around like crazy screaming wildly at the top of their lungs for every touchdown Green Bay made.

There might be a possibility I accidentally screamed once when the Steelers made a touchdown... but it was not my fault! The screen was fuzzy (internet connection) and they had yellow on their jerseys too. Everyone stared at me blankly and it was then that I realized... I made a mistake. 

Well here's to you Green Bay- GO PACK GO!!!


  1. Everyone looks so good! I'm glad you had a fun night with friends....love you & miss you soooo much.

  2. Sounds fun! Staying up all night is crazy, but eating that food in the middle of the night too? Ugh, that makes my stomach turn just thinking about it! Glad you guys had enjoyed it! It's fun to hold onto the american things, even as you live differently... you know?

  3. Alright!!! Super Duper Packer Fans all over the world!! Gosh! I love those Packers. And those fans in Baku.