Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage Valentines

Ah, the holiday of lovers is upon us! I love Valentine's Day. It may be my favorite holiday of all. Why? Probably because when I was a teenager I grimaced at the thought of watching all the popular students at school getting love notes and roses from their sweeties, while I watched... lonely and boyfriend-less.

But now... HA! I have a husband! I will forever have a Valentine!

Also, I want to celebrate it with my daughter. It's just another excuse to get the house decorated and make crafts together. I remember growing up every Valentine's Day my mom would leave candy and notes for my brother and I when we woke up. I looked forward to it every year. I always felt special and loved. Thank you Mom :) I want Sitora to feel the same way throughout her childhood!

I am basically in love with anything Vintage these days, as if you couldn't tell from my blog style. I just swoon over "old school" anything! I wanted to find some Valentine cards for Sitora to hand out, but unfortunately I can't run down the street to my local Walmart to purchase a set of ready-made girly girl Disney princess hoytee toytee Valentines. Again, I must make basically everything from scratch here.

I googled online for "vintage valentine pictures" and found a zillion! I copied them, then pasted about 10 on a page using Publisher (I'm sure you could use Word as well). I changed the color scheme to grayscale so that they'd print in black and white, that way Sitora could color them in. I then took stationary paper, folded it in half, glued the vintage picture on the front, and let Sitora decorate the rest.

Go ahead and copy these vintage pictures yourself if you want to use them!

Next I made a Valentine's Day banner. It was ridiculously easy :) I used my heart shaped cookie cutters to trace hearts on pretty scrapbook paper. Then I cut the hearts out and punched holes near the top. I took hemp and strung it through the holes, tying a knot at each heart. Then I hung it up in our entry way, next to the tissue paper hanging balls I made for Sitora's birthday. I still haven't posted the video of how I made those - someday I'll get around to it! (You could probably find a tutorial on youtube...)

Love is in the air! Now go and make something special for the ones you love :)


  1. You are RIDICULOUSLY talented....& I wish you were here to give you a big hug & kiss from your mom!!

  2. Casey, You are truly gifted and so creative! Love all the ideas! Miss you, Friend...I will inbox you soon! Love you!