Sunday, January 30, 2011

Every gal needs 'em

Accessories. Woman's best friend.

My life motto? Live simply. Especially with clothes. How is this made possible?

It's simple, really. You just need some accessories to "dress-up" your outfits so that you can mix-and-match. You don't need a bajillion clothes and items of jewelry to make this possible. If you have clothes and accessories that relatively match, your possibilities are endless! Take this vintage Victorian necklace for example. It automatically gives my outfit a theme, and it is just one item!

See this flower pearl necklace? I bought it at Claire's (in Dubai of course! Gotta love that place.) Why do I heart this item so dearly? Because I can also unclip the flower from the necklace and clip it on my hats or shirts. And the necklace looks cute without the flower too! This necklace can "dress-up" my outfits when I feel they are a little drab or boring. It's like splattering paint all over a plain canvas.

These gloves. I love. I got them on clearance- 70% off may I add! Yes, I am the bargain queen. I get that from my AMAZING MOTHER! (And my awesome mother-in-law!)

I always need my fingers out-n-about to grab change for the bus or my metro card. Instead of taking off my gloves all the way, I can just pull back the cute cover and button it so my fingers are free. See my poor little thumb? Too bad he doesn't get covered. Sometimes I sneak him into the cover with the other 4 fingers, but it gets a little crowded in there.

Rose bud earrings. Oh so delightful! They give my overall look the "elegant" touch. It's best to have an up-do when wearing them so everyone can actually see them. If my hair is down then I try to pin it back somewhat so the earrings are slightly visible at least.

Never. Forget. The. Power. Of. Lipstick. It shall forever be woman's number one accessory. Make sure you pick a color that looks good with your skin and hair tones. Extreme reds and pinks can clash with your face if you're not careful. Need advice? Take your bestie shopping and have her help you find the right color :)

I dressed up this cute new shirt by adding a simple flower necklace and flower hairclips. I was in fashion heaven, let me tell you!

Does this overwhelm you? Confused on how to mix-n-match? Just take it one step at a time. Go to a store like Claire's or Target, and pick out some simple items like a flower clip, pearl necklace, and scarf. Pick neutral colors to start with and see how they fit in your wardrobe. If you feel comfortable stepping out in the bolder colors (red, yellow, orange) then go for it! You can always ask your lady friends their honest opinion when in doubt :)

P.S. Sometimes my hubby doesn't like or understand my fashion choices. Once in a while I make an exception and decide to wear it anyways based on the fact that I absolutely love the item and we're just gonna have to agree to disagree!

Live, love, and look cute!

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