Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This girl

I've taken some steps back in order to take some steps forward.

What exactly does that mean?

It means I'm saying "no" to more outside responsibilities, while saying "yes" to my daughter. Instead of just making it through each day, I'm carefully dancing through it.

It hasn't been easy to say no. All of the things I'm passing by are good things. Things I want to do. But right now in our lives, what my daughter needs is more of me and my attention, and less of me with a distracted mind.

I am carefully thinking through the things I do say "yes" to- making sure they truly fit into what I'm focusing on here and won't require a ton of time away from my housework and mothering.

I am taking the time to purposefully work with Sitora on letters, shapes, colors, potty training, professional princess dancing, tea parties, prayer, singing, and playing.

I had a friend once who told me that saying "no" to outside work because of mothering responsibilities opens the door for someone else who should be walking in their giftings.

Instead of rushing through activities like bedtime, (in the mother of toddlers world, getting a child to sleep- and stay asleep- IS an activity!), I am cherishing every moment.

Instead of hurrying through the motions so I can "finally" have time to work on my "other" responsibilities, I am taking all the time in the world to be a mom. Like actually taking the time and effort to get the perfect shot of my princess sleeping. I needed to capture my hard work on camera- getting this girl to sleep has not been easy lately ;)

This is the place for me.


  1. Her A's look better than some of my 4K friends! ;) I love reading your blog, Casey!

  2. i love this post Casey. Seriously so sweet and so important!

  3. And the flip side, saying yes to outside responsibilities means someone else spends the time, and trains your daughter. In your case, I'm sure that person would be very well qualified and screened, but it wouldn't be you. Good job.

  4. I love this, Casey! You are truly an inspiring woman. :)