Friday, January 28, 2011

Scribbles and such

We take time regularly to slow down, turn the music up, and think about our wonderful Father. We dance, draw pictures, and sing our guts out.

When my daughter scribbles, I think they are the most beautiful scribbles on the face of this earth. I adore her scribbles. Her scribbles might as well be Van-Gogh paintings. I try to save all her scribbles and hang them anywhere and everywhere.

And yet I wonder, how often do we feel our meager attempts to serve Father are just mere "scribbles"? We chose to obey, we chose to sacrifice, we chose to love Him whole-heartedly. Small baby steps? Maybe. Little scribbles? Maybe. But I'm sure Father sees them as masterpieces. He is delighted in our weak attempts to love Him. Every baby step we take towards Father brings us closer to His heart. Every step counts. Every scribble matters.

What is your scribble? What is your offering? Remember the widow and the coins she gave? (Luke 21:1-4) You may think your small choices don't matter, but they do. Every choice you make today will eventually develop your character tomorrow.

Even in your weakness, you are lovely to Him. I'm sure all famous painters had childhood scribbles in their past. We don't just wake up someday perfected and holy. This is a journey where He continually molds and shapes us into His image.

Scribble today? Masterpiece tomorrow.

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  1. Love scribbling. She scribbles really well! Love the pink GB shirt. =)