Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best buddy

Sitora has a best friend. It just happens that he is a boy. She has lots of girl friends, but he by far is her best friend. They fight, they push, they yell, they hit, they say sorry, they hug, they laugh, they play, then the cycle starts all over again. I guess that's what true friends do... they aren't afraid to be themselves around each other. They show their true feelings, even if it's not pretty.

A few nights ago she put on a hat and he put on a scarf, and they took the baby out for a "walk" through the house. I couldn't help but giggle as they appeared to be playing house!

Then they laid down on the hardwood floor pretending to go to sleep. Sitora brought out blankets and pillows for the event. I guess she realized the shoe he was "sleeping" on wasn't the most comfortable. They closed their eyes, then burst out laughing. You can't expect two-year-olds to "pretend sleep" for long!

They are buddies. They've grown up together. Whenever Sitora hears a child's voice in the hallway she immediately jumps for joy thinking it's her best buddy. If we are going to see him on a particular day, I can't tell her until the very last minute or else she will put her hat and gloves on waiting at the door hours before our scheduled departure time.

Everybody needs friends. Even if you are merely two years old :)

Oh, and I did I mention the fact that they are betrothed? Ya, we've already received dowry, so it's pretty much legit.


  1. I think it's great that they're best buddies and that you're all together and can see each other so often. And I wish them well as they grow up and grow old together ;)

  2. ahhh! i LOVE this post :) I love how they dressed up to take the baby for a walk. I wish I could see them together more ;)