Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick, easy, cheap Christmas decoration idea

Living on the other side of the world doesn't generally give one the option of hopping on over to Target or Walmart for some last minute anything.

And this holiday season, I've been especially sentimental. I guess you could even say obsessed... slightly... well... a lot really.

Anyways, my point is that I've been racking my brain for fun decoration ideas that don't require "mucho dinero" coming out of my pocket, if ya know what I mean.

So I came up with this SUPER easy decoration idea! All you need is:

*Empty flower vase
*Round Christmas tree ornaments
*Pine cones
*Any other decorations you may have laying around the house (I used adorable wicker balls that normally go around my candles on a square glass base)

How many empty, unused flower vases do YOU have sitting around your house, shoved away in cupboards waiting for their next dozen roses to display? Well it's time to get 'em out and use 'em for something different! (That is, until Valentine's Day rolls around... my fav.or.ite holiday EVER! Oh I'm such a hopeless romantic.)

I filled my vase in layers. First I put in the wicker balls, then added the pine cones and ornaments on top. It's ridiculously adorable, I must say! If you have little ones and many vases to spare, you could give your child a vase of their own to fill as they please. You could take them on a walk down the road to pick up pine cones, or even pine branches (which could stick out of the vase like flowers would) then let them pick which ornaments to put in the vase.

Easy as pie! Well, maybe not pie... pie isn't that easy to make.... oh well.



  1. Casey, You've done it again!! What a wonderful original,so creative,so chick (I've never said that,does that even make sense?), It looks awesome with the different textures in the glass vase. You always amaze & surprise me!!! love MOM

  2. Pretty!! Love it. You know what else is cheap and easy? Paper chains. Haven't made any yet, but I'm pretty sure if I let Isaiah at it, he'd be in heaven.