Saturday, December 11, 2010


Babies. I love them. I want to kiss them and squeeze them and hold them forever. My little baby isn't much of a "baby" anymore, so I get quite sentimental when it comes to little ones. Sigh.

This photoshoot was A.MA.ZING, for lots of reasons. One, there was perfect sunlight- hello 1/400 shutter speed, I love you! (most of my photoshoots have ended up being on cloudy days, leaving me with little light to work with). Two, there was an adorable, bubble-blowing, blue-eyed, chubby cheeks little boy to photograph. Three, mom and dad are awesome people with some serious talent. I hope to get to know this family better this upcoming year!

Would you like to soak in some baby-love? Just feast your eyes on these shots and you will fall in love with this little munchkin!

New life. So precious. So incredibly profound.

I love dedicating my baby photoshoots to "new life". May all expectant mothers choose "life" for their unborn children. Every child is a wanted child! I myself was a "surprise" baby, but my parents chose life for me despite their circumstances. I am forever grateful to them for this. Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!

After all, your mother chose life. Aren't you grateful?

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  1. He is adorable!!! We think of them often and it made me smile to see their pictures here. What a precious family.

    Also, thank you for your words at the end. I can say the same thing and am so thankful my parents followed Father's will rather than their own fleshly instincts. Currently these issues are close to my heart and I am working them out through tears and long conversations with Father. His heart is good as are His plans for our family. It is just extra hard knowing some women have that life in them and choose to toss it out while other women longing for it may never have that experience. My heart aches for both.