Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 10 reasons why you should read my blog

1. It'll give you a chuckle or two, or three... (I mean, who doesn't laugh at toddler poop stories? Come on!)

2. You'll get some fashion tips!

3. You may experience a social skills boost (thanks to my brand new series entitled, "Life Lessons 101 with Casey").

4. You'll see unique perspective photographs from my life (maybe even a little inspiration for your own as well?)

5. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, you'll get a deeper glimpse into my personal life (Gasp!)

6. By reading blog posts about my SuperDan husband, hopefully you'll catch the "love bug" yourself and either A. Fall more in love with your lovebird or B. Trust and believe that Father has an incredibly romantic Love Story waiting for you to unfold and C. See that marriage was meant to be a team effort full of love, forgiveness, and excitement (not nagging, disappointment, and quitting).

7. Hopefully you'll learn more about Father and His never-ending, undying, passionately jealous love for YOU!  And maybe you'll grow in loving Him deeper in return.

8. You'll get nifty craft and holiday ideas as I go along the seasons with expectation and creativity.

9. You'll look forward to a place online where you can rest, put your feet up, grab a cup o' Joe or tea or whatever floats your boat, and soak in the beauty of life, even if it's the 2 minutes you have before work (honestly, I do try to make my blog look warm and inviting for this very reason).

10. And maybe, just maybe, by reading my hopes, dreams, wishes, and ponderings, you too will be inspired to do whatever it is that makes you come alive.


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog Casey! Keep up the good work!

  2. I often check for new entries during my break at work and always enjoy reading for all of the above reasons. Thank you for letting Father use you in all the many ways He does!