Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage pearls at the metro

I am really into this singer at the current moment.

She helps keep me boppin' with a positive outlook when I'm riding the bus on a rainy, cold day.

Her music somehow magically transports me into a fairytale when I'm actually walking past dreary Soviet buildings and smelling cigarette smoke while hearing horns honk and people yell.

Her lyrics bring that sparkle back in my eye and remind me of the deep love I hold for my SuperDan.

Which is why I will be playing several of her songs this Sunday at my favorite coffee venue ;)

On another note, I found darling vintage pearl earrings for 1 manat ($1.20) by the metro station near our apartment. It really is like a secret treasure chest... you wouldn't believe the adorable items I can find down there!

So I'm thinking of going for a vintage look for my music spot. My new vintage pearls, a cute vintage dress, high heels, and a french braid crown with a flower. If only I could get my husband to dance with me the rest of the evening... Darling, you could be my Fred Astaire... add  "a little finesse, a sparkly dress, and I could be Ginger Rogers!"

"So pack your bags and lock your door,
I'll take you places you've not been before.
All I've ever wished to do
is travel through this life with you."


  1. I'm really digging this Mindy Gledhill! You posted some of her music a little back and I really liked it. I like this stuff too, I'll have to get a hold of her music. So glad you have shared this artist with your avid readers. :)

    Oh. p.s. Pretty cool vintage earrings! :)

  2. Ooooo...I love those earrings!! They look great! We just came home from 3 weeks in MN and I'm catching up on all my blogs =)

  3. I must say, I've never heard of her, but the song has just begun and already I like her! She is a lot of fun! Thanks for the recomendation! I think the vintage look would be very cute! You should definitely go for it!