Friday, October 8, 2010

Picture gallery

Sweet treats from my birthday date with Danny to an Azeri restaurant. You can see fruit jam in the background -you put in your mouth while you drink unsweetened tea (that way the tea tastes sweet). The baklava was delish, but I won't tell you about the hair I pulled out of it, and how I decided to continue eating the rest anyways...

She's a bathing beauty. 

Rubber ducky, oh what a faithful friend in times of need. I purposely put rubber ducky in our bath routine because I felt it was very sentimental. I grew up watching Ernie sing about his rubber ducky on Sesame Street and felt my child needed one too.  "Rubber ducky, you're the one!"

*Sigh* He is such an amazing father. Sitora simply adores her daddy. Her eyes sparkle when he comes home everyday and she can't wait to greet him with kisses, followed by wrestling and cuddles. The other night we were eating with a group of friends and when one of the little girls fell down he rushed to pick her up before the mom could, made sure she was okay, then tenderly put her back in her chair. I was beaming!

This is me on my first day of teaching a photography class at an international school here. Do I look teacher-y? :)

Well I hope you enjoyed the picture gallery! Just another day in our lives I guess :)

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