Saturday, October 9, 2010



I'm getting older.

Not old, just older.

I can't go as much as I used to. I can do as much as I used to. I can't survive off 5 hours of sleep like I used to. Oh the college years! I seemed to have endless amounts of energy and sharpness no matter what. (Remember those all-nighters we pulled studying? Ya. And I didn't even need/like coffee at the time.)

In 4 years I'll be 30. Wow. That sounds pretty old to me. Four years ago I got married. Four years is not that long.

I'm tryin' to keep up with the times but I'm laggin' behind... barely catching up when I can. I only know what's in style because I ask my youth group members if things are cool or not. I watch what my sister-in-laws wear. Skinny jeans are in? Okay. Scarves are in? Lots of scarves? Okay. Braids are in? Okay.

Don't get me wrong- I like my own style and proudly don't go with the current if I don't want to. But I used to just be the current... now I'm in this weird in-between stage of young/old.

But that's okay. I'm ok being me. I like aging, it's just I have to get used to what aging brings.

P.S. (Let's not even talk about that pre-baby body. Looooooong gone.)


  1. i hear you on the pre-baby body thing and the being horribly out of fashion.... good grief!

  2. Whatever, Casey..
    you are totally cool and not even close to being old.

    And I wish my pre-baby body looked like your post-baby body. geesh.

  3. I hear you on this in-between stage (not only just the fact that we have to include post baby body) but I remember wondering which section to shop in when I wasn't wearing Juniors anymore. Ages like 21-28 are some weird in-between stages!

  4. How do you do your hair with those big pretty curls (like the one in this picture)? Do you use a curling iron or curlers? It looks awesome!

  5. oh Casey, i understand you so deeply. this summer i turn 32. wow ... u know one of my problems is before i never had problems with loosing weight but recently it became my nightmare. :(

  6. I am feeling this so much lately. I just turned 31 and its this weird stage. Everyone says I am not old, but I sure feel old! I have become a coffee-drinking, newspaper reading, coupon clipping momma! I don't know what to wear anymore. Should I shop in the juniors section at Target? Their clothes are so much cuter!! I have begun to think about taking vitamins and working out so my bones don't break when I go through menopause (my body is beginning to crack and pop when I stand up). Thanks for this post, it hit home:)

  7. wow!!!!!!! I am 41 and enjoy the company of friends 10 years younger. Turning 41 I have noticed my body finding it MUCH harder to do the things I was able to do with ease at the age of .... 38, 39...(especially dieting!) ladies... don't even go there at the age of 28! Enjoy your youth!!! I am still young, my body just needs to comply, thats all!