Friday, September 17, 2010

Electrical tampering

Our power went out yesterday. That rarely happens in our apartment. We (meaning my best Azeri friend and I) couldn't figure out what was wrong. SuperDan finally came home from his camping extravaganza and I knew he would save the day. He, and our handy dandy neighbor poked, prodded, and solved the riddle. They had to connect some wires back together in the electrical box outside our door in the apartment hallway. It was sadly obvious that someone had tampered with it on purpose. Thankfully we have power now, but seriously, WHO would do that? I know this sounds baby-ish, but it really hurt my feelings! I don't understand. What did we do to cause someone to create such a problem? All I can do is just pray Father would work on their hearts and draw them to him. I am thankful for a husband and neighbor who fixed it. I am thankful for a few hours where Sitora and I had to come up with fun activities to do without power. (aka: give her a bath by candle-light...she loved it by the way).

Sometimes things happen in life and we don't understand why. I guess that's where the trust comes in. We trust Father even when we don't get it. I'm happy to rest in that, there's no way I could figure out this world anyways, so I'll just leave that to Him :)


  1. Ryan and Noelle had the same thing, except people were stealing their power... Do you think that might be the case?

  2. We think the electrical man did it because we refuse to pay him when we don't even know if he's legit. We always pay at the electric company office.